GRT pres Alderic&Fvll ShowCase W/Remco Beekwilder/Endlec/Arweenn

Hello world, hello friends!
GRT Digital is back with the next banger.
But this time, we present you an international party!

This event will be showcasing two labels, the european Alderic Records & Fvll Recordings.
The party will be hosted on two floors and on the upper floor we will even increase the clubs sound system.

As the headliner of the evening, we are presenting you Remco Beekwilder.
He takes us into a world full of sounds.
Its sound is made up of oldschool inspirations and fused together with new classics.

Please have fun at the party, go wild!
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—-Line Up—-
-Remco Beekwilder

-Adrian Pitscher
-Noah Keil
-Cem Plem

About Alderic: Alderic Records launches its tour across Europe. We are promoting the first Alderic Records’ release, a VA double vinyl coming out in the beginning of 2020.

Second part(y) of the series will take place in Frankfurt, Germany.

Arweenn is one of a kind for both the vibes that he creates when he plays in a club and the capacity he has to read the room’s vibes. His sprightly sets are Berlin style, intense and efficients, with recaptures from the ‘90s illegal raves and modern dark rhythmic melodies that keep every crowd dancing until the last beat.
A meaningful experience.
The distinct sonorities that come out of his production are well recognizable and they evolved over the years giving his sound a much more unique touch and vitality. Competent and proficient music maker, he released with famous labels such as Diffuse Reality, Dolma Records, Nightmare Factory, Tmm Records, just to name few.
His last track Overrun is currently out on vinyl and digital for Diffuse Reality Record, with remixes from Anetha, Stanislav Tolkachev and Endlec.
Arweenn,is currently living in London where he is playing in local clubs making a name for himself, while he is focusing on his label upcoming release, a various artist album on vinyl.

Party after party they are building a substantial amount of connections with the most notable underground artists, thanks also to their exibitions for the infamous London after party Jaded.

“Raw, dirty, pounding, rhythmic violence” – this is how Endlec describes his style.

Originally from Thessaloniki, Greece, he has long ago abandoned the blinding light of the sun to better explore the depths of darkness.
With influences from the ‘90s European techno, the sound of the Detroit’s pioneers and with a significant dose from the modern electronic music scene, Endlec delivers records that doesn’t hold anything back, characterized by a sound that is raw, furious, full of unceasing energy and with no compromise at all. Constantly searching for groove and funk in his productions, no matter how hard the tracks are and as a dj he is known for his fast cuts, quick and raw mixing.

Better witness him live somewhere around the world.

Remco Beekwilder

Born and raised in the south hideout of the Netherlands and moving through life with a DIY attitude. Picture this with the desire to merge old-school with the modern and the Dutchman’s fundamentals for his signature sound are no longer a secret. Continuing on the heritage of electronic music he’s aiming to create a nostalgic getaway. His productions continue to be mature, ranging from energetic hooks and playful riffs to rawness and depth.

Embracing the underground electronic culture with open arms the Dutchman formed his label EMERALD, releasing records from himself and others. Humbly pushing foward his vision of electronic music in it’s many forms, whilst trying to stay loyal to the rave.

His monumental LSD EP appeared on Monnom Black and shows his diversity and capability as a producer, with four tracks that reflect his artistry perfectly. The long awaited LSD track reached No.34 into the DJ Mag top 50 tracks of 2017.

Earlier in 2017 he released the State of Return EP on Binary Cells. A1 track ‚Planet Acid‘ got featured in the Berghain 08 mix for Ostgut Ton. Additional EP’s got released on self reflektion in 2016 (10th Planet EP) and in 2015 (Basement Tools EP).

-No own drinks
-No open drug use
-No entry without a valid identity document

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